Sunday, March 31, 2019

Here's a Migrant for Bp. Seitz!

Since Bp. Seitz--and other Catholic Bishops of like mind--are certain that we should welcome all the migrants, he should be happy to take this one into his Bishop-y residence, no?

[This one is] going by the names Miriam Celaya, Mirian Zelaya Gomez, and a few other variants, who last November famously screwed up her nose at the beans and tortillas Mexicans provided to caravan migrants free of charge in Tijuana as they awaited entry into the U.S. The caravan migrant, billed as one of the pitiful moms and kids of Democrat "narrative" told a DW video journalist the free offering was "food for pigs."

She got a lot of flak from Mexicans for that one, and then leveraged it successfully to slip into the U.S. illegally to make an asylum claim ahead of the other caravan migrants, claiming Mexican persecution.....

We're not done yet!!

...she was coming here to get free medical care for her special-needs daughter. She had some other priorities over her kid and she's now been booked for "aggravated ssault with a deadly weapon" in a Dallas jail, along with her undocumented immigant sister Mirna, apparently for assaulting what's been reportedly her own aunt, who had provided her with free housing....
 Certainly--we are told--99% of the  migrants are just wonderful people, hard-working, tax-paying, not interested in welfare, housing, or health bennies.

That's what we are told, anyway, by +Seitz and his friends.

Put up or shut up, Excellency.

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