Sunday, March 17, 2019

"Living" Wage? "Family" Wage?

When engaging in trickery and deceit, using only half the truth is an excellent tactic.

So when certain Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, and priests start yapping about the "living" wage, it's good to ask questions.  The first one would be "Is that wage 'earned,' or just 'given'?"  The presumption that there are 'rights' without corresponding 'responsibilities' is very convenient--and wrong.

You'll also note that the Church uses the term "family" wage, not "living" wage, in her teachings.  Yet most "living" wage propagandists rarely, if ever, mention "family."  In contrast, the Church's entire "wage" theory is built on the family:  dad, mom, chilluns--where mom is in the home raising the children, not jetting around in a "career."

You'll also note that the Church builds its 'wage' case on the worker's needs, which are a whole lot different from wants.  Must the wage support a 2500-square-foot 5 bedroom 3 bath McMansion? 


How about a nice new Caddy Escalade every 5 years?


The half-truths Satan and his pals are using here should be clear.  One is the free sex lie which separates sexual activity from children; the other is the materialism lie which elevates 'wants' to 'needs.'  Does the phrase 'the world, the flesh, and the devil' show through here?

One more thing:  the Church flat-out condemns socialism and communism, no matter what the Jesuit order and some high-ranking Churchmen may say or think.  So asking the 'Is this socialist?' question can be a lot of fun if you're talking with some Cardinal, Bishop, or priest, or even our current Pope.


Praypraypray said...

Great article! The last line is the BEST! Sadly, I read that one big time Jesuit magazine is run by proud to be card carrying Socialist/Commies. They’re no longer hiding it, but are coming out of the woodwork, including the Vatican woodwork.

Fr. VF said...

The best summary of the error of demand for a "family/living wage" I've seen is that it's "the economics of the Cargo Cult."