Thursday, March 12, 2015

Next Up: Blow a Hole in the Debt Ceiling!

McConnell has just said that Obozo will get a larger credit card.

What McConnell is telling Obama is that no matter what he does from now until October, Republicans will always give him the debt ceiling increase he desires.  Hence, Obama can demand anything he wants and attach it to the debt ceiling – with full confidence that McConnell’s self-expression of fear and culpability for default will drive him to capitulate.

You can bet that the Wisconsin delegation will help.  Sensenbrenner and Ryan are hopeless cases--one a fraud, the other a toady to Boehner.  As to the rest, wind-speed will determine their vote.

Obozo's objective?  To screw this country into oblivion.

As to the (R) party:  same thing, just a little slower, or something.

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