Friday, March 06, 2015

Sen. Menendez' Problem

Yah, I thought of it this way, too.

...Menendez is going to get what he deserves, not only because there has been a lot of smoke, too much smoke, near the Menendez domicile, but because this is what happens to lefties when they cross Obama.

Menendez is a supporter of Israel and is on the wrong side of the Iran nuclear proliferation debate. So, Obama most likely told Holder to go after him.

This would never have happened to Menendez had he been right down the Obama line. Do you see Charlie Reingold in cuffs? ‘Nuff said....

Of course, Obozo is happy to rain s*&t on ANYONE who crosses him.  Too bad most Conservatives are crime-free, eh?

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