Friday, May 24, 2024

A Dirtball (Vos) and His Techniques

By now, most thinking Wisconsin citizens understand that Robin Vos is a dirtball.  He has a few good accomplishments, but they are far fewer than he would like you to think.  He owns a number of flop-house "student rental" properties in Whitewater, and he needs the revenue to pay off his multiple ex-wives.

And then his story gets even dirtier.  When Vos won his last election by only a few hundred votes, it became clear that he should leave office, one way or the other, so a recall effort got underway.  

The official recall campaign issued the following statement:

Throughout the campaign, we endeavored to identify and segregate questionable petition sheets, such as those suspected of forgery or fraud. Despite our best efforts, a small fraction of these sheets were inadvertently mixed with the nearly 11,000 valid signatures submitted.

It’s crucial to emphasize that hundreds of signatures were proactively withheld and never submitted due to suspicions of fraud, highlighting our good-faith effort to eliminate suspicious signatures.

...In late February 2024, our campaign observed suspicious activities between February 27 and March 2, where several individuals from across the nation suddenly appeared in Burlington, WI, and attempted to infiltrate the campaign.

All six individuals tried to insert fraudulent signatures. These actions were immediately flagged by our team. Remarkably, these individuals, independently, flew from various parts of the country (New York, Florida, Ohio) to assist in the recall campaign.

They sought compensation but left the state without any. Their involvement abruptly ceased upon the submission of the questionable signatures. This behavior, combined with their unverified nationwide origins and the submission of inauthentic signatures, raised significant concerns....


 ...When faced with approximately 400 (about 40 pages) suspiciously pristine signatures, our volunteers took the additional step of conducting thorough in-person verifications at over 15 residences.

As anticipated, we were unable to verify any of the signatures, leading us to consider them potentially fraudulent; thus, they were not included in our submission to the Wisconsin Election Commission.

The individuals identified as sources of these fraudulent signatures, including Carlo Green, Jade Hilton, Jason Lopez, Lavelle Hester-Bey, Kiara Rivera, and Xavier Pittman, were excluded from our petition efforts....

The campaign also stated that some invalid signatures slipped through their screening process, which allowed "Dirtball" Vos to decry the entire thing as fraudulent. 

And he did, loudly, through his trusty RadioMouths Jay Weber--who intensely dislikes "work"-- and Dan O'Donnell, who has the JD but never practiced law (!!)  Vos did and does exactly what this Joe Biden ad does:  deceit, half-truths, and slanders.

The link provides the long version of the story; apparently one of the three contractors who hired people to canvass was less-than-reliable and several canvassers submitted obviously fake signatures.

Photo ID's and taxpayer info are included in the article, by the way.  None of them appear to be related to Vos by blood, but with his marriages.........well, you never know, do you?

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