Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Fauci + Mnuchin vs. the USA

Episode 1297 of Bannon's War Room makes it very clear:  Fauci knew all about what was going on in Wuhan and covered it up--mostly by lying all the time.  That's documented in a new book released today written by an Australian journalist.

Ah, but it gets more interesting.  Remember Steve Mnuchin?  The Goldman, Sachs banker?


So when Pete Navarro pushed for a special commission to investigate the Wuhan Flu, Mnuchin did all he could to prevent it.  Navarro almost had it 'over the finish line,'.....

Now ask yourself:  "Why would a Globalist banker with large money interests in Red China work so hard to prevent an investigation of the Wuhan Flu?"


Whose side is he on?

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