Sunday, September 26, 2021

A Few More Points on J6 Riot

The FEEBS have admitted that they were well-aware of the Proud Boys' involvement in the J6 event.

JEDyer has a few other observations.  First:

...letting the Proud Boys off the hook eliminates one of the three candidates for blaming the Capitol breach on.  The others are the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters....


... In the charges brought so far, the few people fingered for conspiracy to actually breach the Capitol are nowhere near enough to account for the initial breach.  The big hole in this case all along has been that the great majority of the initial breachers are not being identified and charged....

Leads to the question:  who are THEY?

Finally, we have to ask 'how is it that some are being charged with "crimes" (such as parading, illicit entry, etc.) who were actually DIRECTED into the Capitol by the CapCops?'

If the cop waves you into the building..........and you're from Omaha and don't know the damn building is closed...........where's the crime?

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