Saturday, September 25, 2021

AZ: The Great Lie-and-Fraud Election

Just a couple of items here about the Great Election Fraud of '20 in Arizona.

...Maricopa County fraudulently "verified and approved" mail-in ballots that had NO signature THEN multiple ballots were approved with the same exact name and address, matching signatures, but DIFFERENT voter IDs...

That's standard Democrat Party election protocol.  You'll see that in Wisconsin later. 

Video at the link for this one:

...Stamp approving mail-in ballot envelope is BEHIND the triangle image on the original ballot showing where to sign the ballot -- like the signature box was added to the image AFTER it was stamped...

Finally, a Dominion employee deleted all the log files ONE DAY BEFORE the audit began, and another individual will face criminal charges for over-writing several thousand security logs in 3 batches.

Can't wait to get into the Milwaukee County fraud.  Can Barrett be extradited from Luxembourg?

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