Saturday, September 25, 2021

Told Ya! "Press" in Full-Bore Half-Lie on Great Fraud of '20

Easiest prediction in the 21st Century:  MSM will run deceptive stories about Arizona.

Draft reports by The Cyber Ninjas, a group hired by the Arizona state Senate to recount votes and review the 2020 presidential election result in the state's largest county, show former President Donald Trump lost by a wider margin than Maricopa County's official election results.
Doh.  Re-count the fraudulent 'votes' all you want, you get the same number.  Doh.

To their credit, they print SOME of the truth:

...the draft reports minimize the ballot counts and election results and instead focus on issues that raise questions about the election process and voter integrity...

See bolded red line above. 

There is one Pubbie party-chair in Wisconsin who sucks up to Sykes, and they got a quote from him.  Then they carried on about the cost of the audits in AZ and the cost of Gableman.  That's because any price you pay for integrity is too damn high for Democrats Journal-Sentinel reporters propagandists.

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