Saturday, September 25, 2021

CoviDOOMPorn!!! Actual Facts

 Based on the breathless pearl-clutching you find here, thinking about fleeing to another State for treatment would be logical.

 ...Wisconsin currently has just 98 state ICU beds, 7% of capacity available, according to the Wisconsin Health Association (WHA). UW Health said when ICU capacity reaches that point, those who need care quickly might have to wait a little longer....

Unfortunately, that breathless pearl-clutching (including that from the doctor quoted in the story) is--statistically--overblown bullshit.

Let's take a trip back in time with the Wisconsin Hospital Association, shall we?

On November 17, 2020,  Wisconsin had FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX patients in ICU's.

Today, there are only 318 patients in ICU's in Wisconsin, yet the UW Health doc says that's 93% of capacity.  Let's do math!!  

(scritch-scratch-clikety-clack-ka ching!)

Whaddya know!!  There are LESS ICU beds in Wisconsin today than there were in 2020.

So what happened to those beds?  Could it be that there are not enough staffers to man ICU's?

Could that be due to the Vax Mandates imposed by hospitals?

Nobody asks that question, including "reporters."  Huh.

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