Friday, September 24, 2021

Press Misses "Culture" in Afghan-Rape Coverage

We find it interesting that the local and national coverage of the Afghani sex crimes at Ft. McCoy did NOT mention that the victims of the rape and attempted rape were boys.

Only one outlet reported that fact.

Granted, rape is rape regardless of the victim's sex.  Boy-rape is a cultural thing in Afghanistan, not a sexual thing.

Well, we also have questions about 60-year-old men bringing 14-year-old "wives" to this country--which is statutory rape in this State and most others but a cultural thing in Afghanistan.

Might be a while before this magic Democrat "inculturation" trick works, eh?

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Mar said...

Simple solution to the man rapist: Just deport him back to Afghanistan, without trial. Let the Taliban take care of him.
Problem solved.