Friday, September 24, 2021

Cops' J-6 Story Continues to Fall Apart

We have the Crybaby Cops' 'testimony' about their sufferings on January 6th.  

But we won't hear from the woman who was murdered by a Crybaby Cop with a gun.

Nor will we hear from another woman who was gassed, died, and whose death was classified as a 'drug overdose.'

Also at this link:  the footage of black-clad/hooded criminals breaking in to a portion of the Capitol AND footage of several dozen "insurrectionists" (what bullshit!) wandering around while the CapCops stood by.

The Government maintains that this was an insurrection; that all the 'rioters' were criminals; and that their cops did nothing wrong.

Others--who were present or not--suspect with foundation that this was an FBI setup combined with Antifa action.  There are also 'use of force' allegations having to do with the beatings cops were giving, not unlike the beatings administered in the South during civil rights demonstrations.

Huh.  "Civil rights."  Cops beating people.  Nothing really changes, does it?

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