Saturday, September 25, 2021

OCD Journal-Sentinel Attacks Ron Johnson, Again

Well, it has been more than a week, but the J-S managed to distort RoJo's comments--again.

...In a Tuesday appearance on the John Solomon Reports podcast, Johnson suggested vaccinated Americans could be worsening the pandemic...

He's correct, of course.  

"If you walk around asymptomatic with 250 times the viral load, are you the super spreader? Is that what's happening here?" Johnson said...

The J-S claims that the study Johnson cited is "mis-represented."  Maybe--but what Johnson said is true.

...It found vaccinated health care workers with breakthrough infections caused by the coronavirus delta variant had higher viral loads — the amount of virus detected in a person — compared to patients infected with earlier strains of the virus....

Maybe Molly Beck hasn't heard, but the current variant is called "delta," and it IS the one being measured in all stats beginning around July.  

Since the vaccine suppresses symptoms of the delta variant, people can have it but not know it; they'll continue with normal life functions and spread it around.  That's what RoJo referred to.  That is precisely what hospital personnel may wind up doing, by the way, due to the vax-mandate regimen.

Neither Miss Molly nor the UW doc she contacted mentioned 'natural immunity'--a very curious omission--nor the fact that the Chinese Communist Bio-Weapon will NEVER be eradicated.  People will get it, and vulnerable people will suffer, or die.

Oh, well.  The MSM will continue to ankle-bite, and Johnson will continue to represent normal people.

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