Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Dreher's Pot & Kettle Problem

Dreher--who occasionally is right--blasts Trump "campaign officials" for letting Metaxas and Powell (inter alia) hang out to dry.

Since Dreher's opprobrium is based on an account from the NY Times, we'll have to withhold judgment on his rant.  The NY Times is an artful liar, after all.

Then Dreher wanders off into his fever-swamp of choice:  slamming Trump supporters.

...Nevertheless, two-thirds of Republican voters say they want Trump to be the 2024 nominee. Republican voters aren’t serious about governing....

"Not serious about governing......."?

The Democrat election-fraud machine put a drooling rutabaga into the Oval Office and WE 'are not serious about governing'?

Jam it, soiboi.

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Becca said...

Rod Dreher is so confused.