Monday, September 27, 2021

Question for Fr. Selegny

Fr. Selegny is the Secretary-General of the SSPX.

He's made an observation about The Vax:

For him, those refusing vaccination, hold “absolute and categorical positions” and lack "charity."

Oh.  So is the Church's admonition against slapping common sense into a priest 'absolute and categorical'?


Jewel said...

Is there a statute of limitations on murder? Even now,these pharmacidal companies continue to buy bodies of murdered babies. Doesn't that matter? What is then the definition of charity? Of Mercy?

Aqua said...

Dad29: Thank you for noting this comment by Fr. Arnaud. I posted my full reply on Frank Walker’s Canon212, which linked me to your site. In sum - Fr. Arnaud is not only wrong but gravely wrong. SSPX still prays for the intentions of “Pope Francis” in Holy Mass, every Holy Mass, everywhere. Well …. this shows you why it matters who the Pope is and naming him properly in obedience to the true Pope. Because this Pope’s “intentions” are for Pachamama on every altar, a rainbow flag on every wall, sodomites at every communion and Gene Therapy Death Injections flowing in all our veins.

So …. why am I going to a Mass in which I am praying for the intentions of a “Holy Father” who fully intends to kill Holy Mother Church, not to mention me and my family at both the physical and spiritual levels? I ask myself that, after reading Fr. Arnaud.