Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Ramma-Slamma! Kenosha Schools Get Schooled

More good news, even though it's not Yuuuuge....

An organized group of conservatives caught the Kenosha School Board off-guard at its annual meeting Tuesday night, leading a charge to trim school board members' salaries and reduce the tax levy.

Normally, such annual meetings are highly-scripted and staid affairs that are only held to comply with a referendum that was passed decades ago by a group of disgruntled taxpayers....

...With rage still apparently simmering from a recent school board vote to require face masks in schools, a different crowd outnumbered the regulars Tuesday night. 

The first thing that happened was unsuccessful school board candidate Eric Meadows was elected to chair the meeting--a duty that usually is filled by the school board president.

Then the audience voted to cut the proposed $87.6 million tax levy by $1.4 million. The electors also voted to reduce board members' $6,500 annual stipend to $100 per meeting. Currently, the board meets once a month. ...

Not a bad idea, eh?

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