Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Problems at Fort McCoy

Actually, BIG problems at Fort McCoy.

The capacity of that installation, considering food, housing, administrative, and miscellaneous requirements for Afghani "refugees"?

About 10,000.

Current number of "refugees" at Fort McCoy?

About 13,000.   

They're putting up tents.  That'll be sweet in late November, eh?

It gets more interesting.  Tiffany has asked the Administration to investigate reports of rape, child-"marriage," tuberculosis, measles, and Covid.  

No doubt the Administration will get right back to him on that--just as they will about their "vetting" process which nobody seems to know about with any certainty.

You may encounter some of those people hitch-hiking, by the way.  They're free to leave McCoy any time they want to.

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