Friday, September 24, 2021

Pelosi's Sicherheitspolizei

Taking a swig from her ever-present bottle usually kept in her desk, Nancy told the Sicherheitspolizei captain to take the prisoner into captivity.

Julie Kelly picks up the story from there.

“The FBI is at the door and I’m not kidding,” Sharon Caldwell told her husband [at 0530].

Caldwell, 66, clad only in his underwear, went to see what was happening outside his Virginia farm. “There was a full SWAT team, armored vehicles with a battering ram, and people screaming at me,” Caldwell told me during a lengthy phone interview on September 21. “People who looked like stormtroopers were pointing M4 weapons at me, covering me with red [laser] dots.”

Agents demanded that Caldwell, a former lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy who suffers from debilitating service-related spinal injuries, come outside and lay down in the grass.

“Someone grabbed my legs andragged me through the grass. They threw me face down on the hood of the car, kicked my legs apart, put a chain around my waist and put me in handcuffs.” Caldwell said he looked up to see Sharon, his wife of 22 years, dressed in her nightgown holding her hands up with a sock in either hand. She, too, was covered in red dots from the weapons aimed at her. Sharon, 61, begged to put on her socks before they forced her outside in the cold. “I said a prayer, ‘Father, please don’t let them kill my wife,’” Caldwell said through sobs....

Yes, it gets worse.  However, Nancy's gang did not kill Lt Cdr Caldwell's wife.

Aren't you happy about that?

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