Monday, September 27, 2021

US Dep't of "Justice" vs. American Citizen

One of the people involved in the J-6 incident died while awaiting trial.

His defense attorney, no longer bound by Super-Double-Secret Fed court orders, told her client's story.  Sad to say, it builds the case that the US Dep't of "Justice" is even more dangerous to American citizens than the Capitol Cop who killed Ashli.


...The veteran of the Marine Corps and Florida Army National Guard's 3/20th Special Forces Group was arrested in February and indicted a month later on eight counts in connection with the Capitol riot, WUSA9 reported.

Anderson was granted pretrial release in March and ordered to stay away from the District of Columbia except for business related to the Jan. 6 case....

 ...The charges against Anderson included civil disorder, assaulting police, theft of government property, and entering a restricted building or grounds....

 ...He found himself toward the front of the crowd, near one of the tunnels in front of the Capitol. Anderson had his phone out, recording what he perceived as a historic protest, Medvin continues. However, when the crowd turned unruly, Anderson couldn't leave with the entire protest advancing behind him, Medvin says. "There was nowhere to move freely but forwards with the crowd."..

This next graf is very interesting:

... Some younger male members of the crowd grew more agitated, more aggressive, and started attacking the officer line guarding the Capitol. The group began pushing the Trump protestors forwards, barking orders at the peaceful Trump supporters, "like military commanders," Anderson described to Medvin.

A man aimed chemical spray towards the officers. In between the cops and the assailant stood Anderson, who had a heart condition, allergies, and asthma. The spray hit Anderson directly in the face, Medvin states....

Do you know any "Trump supporters" who bring Mace to a rally?  Do you know any "Trump supporters" who encourage--or order--riot?

More FEEB 'snitches'?  Or the Antifa infiltrators we've always suspected?

Moving on.......

...Anderson was incapacitated by the return spray from the officers and had to ask for assistance from them.

Realizing that this was a medical emergency, the officers pulled Anderson into the Capitol and administered medical aid. "They saved my life," Anderson said. He was eternally grateful to the officers who helped him, Medvin states....

 ...A supervisor instructed one of the officers to cite John for "unlawful entry," a local misdemeanor offense with a maximum penalty of six months, Medvin says. Anderson was released with the citation after receiving medical care....

Now we come to the Department of Justice Stasi part.

 ...Five weeks later, the DOJ decided to take over the case and charge Anderson under federal law as part of the Jan. 6 investigation. "They arrested John by hunting him down during his 5 AM outdoor exercise routine that he did every morning with his wife, throwing him down on the pavement," Medvin says of the arrest. "(This was after I offered simple self-surrender to feds, offering to turn him in civilly to save the government resources and risk. My request was declined."

All of a sudden, Anderson was accused of felonious conduct: stealing two police shields, "assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers," and "civil disorder," in addition to the typical four misdemeanor charges the federal government has levied against all of the Jan. 6 defendants....

This is standard Fed abuse.  Make up a list of crimes, no matter how ridiculous they are prima facie, and force the defendant to plead guilty to ANYTHING or go bankrupt fighting for truth.   Just ask Gen. Mike Flynn how that works.  

What we have here is a DoJ which is just as criminal as are the (alleged) perps.

Nice choice, eh?


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