Monday, September 20, 2021

Marc Elias Help? Putin Wins

 Reported in today's news:

The main party backing Vladimir Putin secured a landslide victory in parliamentary elections this morning amid a torrent of allegations about vote-rigging.

With two-thirds of ballots counted, the pro-Kremlin United Russia party had retained its parliamentary majority with nearly 48 per cent of the vote, while the Communist party sits in a clear second with 21 percent....

Voting practices resembling those in Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were prominent in video news reports.

...The results came after shocking videos were revealed allegedly showing illegal rigging in favour of the main pro-Putin party which pundits expect to win a clear majority.

In Vladivostok, a camera behind a plant showed an official apparently marking many previously blank ballot papers.

In Belovo, Kemerovo region, a hidden figure behind a woman in yellow repeatedly stuffs ballots into a polling box.

In Bryansk region, two women are seen packing ballots into a box, as laughter is heard in the polling station....

There is no truth to the rumor that Marc Elias worked closely with Putin on this victory.


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