Friday, September 24, 2021

In Arizona

All eyes have been on Maricopa County, AZ, where the full forensic audit has been in progress for the last few months.  You'll hear and read all sorts of media spin--the linchpin of which is that 'the handcount results are almost identical to the machine results.'

True.  You can count invalid votes incessantly and come up with the same number.

Of course, there has been no official canvass, and Maricopa is only one county.  That said, there is a long list of very significant anomalies (probably similar to what Gableman will find in Wisconsin):



Mar said...

Sorry Dad, President Trump lost Arizona.
Rest of Arizona? There are only 3 other somewhat liberals left in the State: Flagstaff, Tuscon and the Navajo tribe area.
Trump lost because of Never Trumpers. This payback for those who were loyal to McCain. While McCain probably would have lost election, he still had his loyalists.

Dad29 said...

Wrong-o, Mar.

Trump won after you take out the fraudulent 'ghost' and mail-in votes.

Cheating!! It's what Democrats do!!

Next step: a house-to-house canvass which will merely confirm the earlier one done by a few housewives (but which is statistically valid). That will serve as evidence to de-certify the election and perhaps put a few folks IN PRISON.

Trump also won Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.