Sunday, September 26, 2021

AZ Has WI Patterns

There's no doubt that there will be criminal prosecutions surrounding the Arizona Election Fraud.

Since the Wisconsin Election Fraud has similar patterns and near-identical gaping holes in ballot security/adjudication, we can look forward to prosecutions here, too.  (Note:  the report made public in Arizona did not include the prosecution recommendations found in the original.)

The original language of the CyberNinja's report includes this:

...57,734 ballots with serious issues were identified in the audit. These issues include improper voter registration, improper votes, and discrepancies in the registration. This is a conservative estimate, as there were other identified problems that were not quantified nor included in that total, likely resulting in a much larger number of flawed ballots. Additional issues identified: backdated registrations, multiple voter registrations linked to the same voter affidavit, voters without records in a commercial database, and printing defects rendering thousands of ballots as suspicious....

Another report--not detailed here--highlighted the 'late rush' of Biden votes, similar to that of Milwaukee County, which 'rush' does not comport with the 'rush' in prior elections.  It is inferred but not proven that those votes were pushed through once the election officials knew how many votes Biden needed to win.  There was also a cyber-security report which proved that the machines were not only on-line at several times leading up to the election, but that they were illegally "wiped" of certain log entries.

In the following, "impact" level is determined by the number of questionable votes.  Remember that Trump "lost" by only 10,000+ votes.

Here is a breakdown of those 49,718 questionable votes:

  • 23,344 mail-in ballots were counted from individuals who no longer lived at the address to which the mail-in ballot was sent. The audit called these “mail-in ballots voted from prior address” in the voter history phase. (critical impact)
  • 9,041 more ballots returned by voters than received in the voter history phase. (high impact)
  • 5,295 voters that potentially voted in multiple counties in the certified results phase.  (high impact)
  • 3,432 more ballots cast than the list of people who show as having cast a vote. The audit called this group of ballots “official results does not match who voted,” in the certified results phase. (medium impact)
  • 2,592 more duplicates than original ballots in the ballot phase. (medium impact)
  • 2,382 in person voters who had moved out of Maricopa County in the certified results phase. (medium impact)
  • 2,081 voters moved out of state during 29 day preceding election in the voter history phase. (medium impact)
  • 1,551 votes counted in excess of voters who voted in the certified results phase. (medium impact)


Anonymous said...

LOL, yes, the Cyber Ninjas report is final. While it claims a number of election shortcomings, it does agree that Biden won the election. Trump lost.

And the smoking gun, of course, is the internal Trump lawyer memo who knew completely that the claims they were making in open court were false.

More lying on your part, Dad29. Repent.

Dad29 said...

THE Johnny One-Note!!

All this time I thought that "Johnny One-Note" was a musical fiction, but it's not and it sounds just as bad as I thought it would.