Friday, September 24, 2021

Kaul Starts Campaign With Stupid TV Tricks

When one is the Attorney General of a State, one is expected to know the laws of that State, right?

Not if you're really a carpetbagger and trying to find support for your campaign.

That would explain A.G. Kaul's hoopla-party over some bill which duplicates Wis Chapter 51.

...A second bill, often called a "red flag law," would allow police or family to ask a judge to take guns away from a person considering suicide or violence....

Huh.  And what does Chapter 51 provide?

 ...It is the policy of the state to assure the provision of a full range of treatment and rehabilitation services in the state for all mental disorders and developmental disabilities and for mental illness, alcoholism and other drug abuse. There shall be a unified system of prevention of such conditions and provision of services which will assure all people in need of care access to the least restrictive treatment alternative appropriate to their needs, and movement through all treatment components to assure continuity of care,...

 ...“Serious and persistent mental illness" means a mental illness that is severe in degree and persistent in duration, that causes a substantially diminished level of functioning in the primary aspects of daily living and an inability to cope with the ordinary demands of life, that may lead to an inability to maintain stable adjustment and independent functioning without long-term treatment and support, and that may be of lifelong duration. “Serious and persistent mental illness" includes schizophrenia as well as a wide spectrum of psychotic and other severely disabling psychiatric diagnostic categories, but does not include degenerative brain disorder or a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability or of alcohol or drug dependence....

Such a person may be treated at a facility to determine whether they can be released back into society or not.  Those admissions may be involuntary; a judge can determine the need based on testimony of family or others.

IOW, Wisconsin provides "interventions".  Kaul doesn't need any more than he already has--except he needs some "SHOWTIME" for the cameras. 

His other proposal would kindly ask criminals Pretty-Please!! to purchase their guns ONLY through licensed dealers.  No more of that 'buy it on the street' stuff!!  Josh Kaul won't stand for that!!!

OK, Josh.  Whatever.

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