Saturday, September 25, 2021

"Insurrection"? No. FBI Op!

It was never an "insurrection" under the accepted English-language definition of the term.

As it turns out, it was seemingly an FBI op.

...Now, today, we are learning that the FBI is admitting that it did have at least one informant at the January 6 Event. That admission is in the context of a single case, so we can probably assume there were other informants or undercover agents present. The NYT account of this development, interestingly, reflects the initial leak quite closely. The FBI informant was a prominent member of the Proudboys, and he was participating in the protest while texting his observations in real time to his handling agent:...

That's from Wauck, a retired FEEB.  And that's just the last straw.  He also noticed the "break-in" video ordered released by an honest judge (with more to come,) and Director Wray's earlier admission that the FEEBS were hard-pressed to find evidence that the event was 'organized.'

Well, if you're covering up your sloppy-asssed "op", you have to take the pot off the stove, right?

The important question:  did Nancy order up this abortion?  Chuck?  Remember, they control the Capitol police and ignored their request for National Guard assistance; they covered up the murder of Ashli Babbitt.....

Inquiring minds, and all that.

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