Monday, September 20, 2021

New Hotness: Debt DOOMPorn!

The old CoviDOOMPorn is failing; real people are catching on to the scam.

So there's a new DOOMPorn!

The Biden administration has issued a warning that the pending federal debt crisis might trigger an economic recession that would affect economic growth and trigger job losses across the United States.

“Hitting the debt ceiling could cause a recession. Economic growth would falter, unemployment would rise, and the labor market could lose millions of jobs,” the White House said in a letter (pdf) to state and local governments that was released Sept. 17....

The End of the World as We Know It!!

Umnnnhhh......piling on more debt prostitutes the US dollar, erodes its value overseas, and creates inflation.  Think you've seen high prices in cars, food, and fuel? 

You ain't seen nothin', pal.

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