Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Making Whoopie With Kristi, UPDATED

At one time, Kristi Noem was regarded pretty highly in Pubbie circles.

Then she betrayed girl athletes.

Next act?  No time for crackdown on CRT.  Sorry.  No time for that.

Now it appears that "betrayal" is her middle name.

Altogether, two families and seven kids between 'em.

Nope, Donald.  Don't drag her along as the VP.

9/30/21 Update:

...One of Noem's closest former advisers for 18 months, Maggie Seidel, had few nice things to say about Lewandowski in her first on-the-record remarks to a reporter since departing the governor's office in April, but she defended Noem from allegations of infidelity.

"There's plenty to disagree with Noem on," Seidel, who served as a policy director for Noem, said. "For one, I think it's outrageous that she continues to affiliate herself with Corey Lewandowski, but unequivocally, there's no evidence that she stepped out of the marriage. It's just an outrageous lie."...

Trump reportedly has frozen Lewandowski out, but that is related to accusations that Lewandowski made inappropriate remarks to another woman.


Mar said...

Sounds like a hit piece to me.
Don't believe it.

capper said...

One adulterer is enough for you?

Dad29 said...

Well, well, well. The ultra-Lefty from Da Union!

Actually, Capper, I don't so much care about her bed-hopping as I do about her other betrayals--which affect hundreds of thousands of people.

Mar said...

Yep, capper, a dumbass from hell.
But Dad, this is a crap accusation.
She's denied it.
There's no proof.
Just because she isn't your perfect conservative, doesn't mean you can slander her.

Mar said...

Let me ask you Dad, would you vote Democrat vs Trump/Noem ticket. Would you stay home?

Dad29 said...

Trump won't have her on the ticket so that's not a problem.

And what did you expect her to do? Affirm it?

When American Greatness takes it down, so will I.