Thursday, September 30, 2021

Baseball Goes Red (China)

After US taxpayers handed a bunch of baseball fields to baseball owners--and that nice little "anti-trust" exemption--not to mention tax laws which are VERY favorable to depreciating assets such as ballplayers, what does MLB do?

"Major League Baseball is expanding its partnership with the Chinese Communist Party, coming at the expense of U.S. jobs and growing Chinese influence over America's pastime.

"The country's leading propaganda outlet China Daily on Aug. 20 touted the MLB’s attempts to build a baseball ecosystem within the country. The league has grown its network to more than 100 Chinese baseball teams in 20 cities, with a growing fanbase of millions. The league's operations in cahoots with Beijing are not just limited to play—quality U.S. jobs are also at stake. Miken Sports, a baseball equipment brand that provides business to the league, folded a Minnesota production plant and moved its nearly 70 jobs to China....

Maybe Mark Attanasio would like to move his office to, say, Wuhan?

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