Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Noem Continues Her Potted-Plant Track

The Governor of South Dakota is very ambitious, so she issues "STRONG WOMAN" papers--but then retreats to her RINO happy-place.

First it was the feint-and-dodge over men playing woman in organized sports.  Fortunately she lost that battle, so young women in South Dakota won't have to keep a lookout at the shower-room door.

But she persists!!

...Earlier this year, Gov. Kristi Noem signed a pledge to bar “action civics” (mandatory political protests for course credit) and critical race theory (attacks on “whiteness,” “Eurocentrism,” etc.) from South Dakota schools....

Has Noem done the hard work required to fulfill her pledge?...


The link to PowerLine above provides the rest of the story.

Apparently Noem thinks Conservatives are stupid.  Let's see how that plays out in her political future.


Mar said...

Let's see. Noem vs any Democrat nominee.
I think I'll take Noem.

Dad29 said...

Worked for her in South Dakota.

Won't work nationally b/c she won't get that far.