Friday, September 24, 2021

Bishops (Partly) to Blame for Border Crisis

We've said--more than once--that the US Bishops are not only on the wrong track regarding border integrity, but that they are responsible for the horrific deeds and conditions down there.

We're not alone.

...The bishops of the Catholic Church bear a lot of responsibility for this disaster.

It’s a hard charge to make and not one to be taken lightly, but it’s true: They help make this possible. How? Through their promotion to open borders — a strict adherence that warps God’s call to love our neighbors, and misunderstands the criminal situation at the border.

Take a look at how quickly they condemned President Donald Trump’s moves to seal the southern border and liberate it from the control of drug cartels. Look at the statement they released condemning the construction of a border wall, which they bafflingly claimed would “undermine the right to freedom of worship.”

Or look at how they’ve repeatedly denounced both the Trump and Biden administrations for using Title 42 of the U.S. code to expedite deportations of illegal arrivals in the United States. If there’s a step the United States can take to enforce its immigration laws, the bishops oppose it — loudly and swiftly....

He acknowledges that the Bishops do not personally bring people into the country, nor do they run the Biden immigration branch.  But..........

...But more than any other religious group, it is America’s Catholic bishops who lend moral support and cover to the current border situation, and who thunder against any change in the status quo that might possibly mean fewer illegal immigrants and fewer victimized children in tents run by criminal gangs just praying to God to protect them and their mothers...
Does "accessories after the fact" cover it?  Maybe.


...It’s difficult to understand how breaking our laws, disregarding our customs, and evading our lawful and justly stationed officers to cross our border against our wishes can be called an act of love, even if the perpetrators are deserving of charity once apprehended or turned back....

Difficult, indeed.


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William said...

It's not just the Roman church. Plenty of so-called 'Evangelicals' as well as so-called Reformed types are in the chamberpot of Leftist thought as well. Just look at the SBC and some others. They seemed to have lost the fact of Romans 1. Now we see God's wrath being revealed against all unrighteousness, and that across the entire West that honor him not and are futile in their thinking. It's only going to get worse.