Sunday, May 23, 2021

OSHA Falls Into Line With the Totalitarians

It was very surprising that OSHA said they would hold employers responsible for the negative effects (if any) from The Vax.

So it's NOT a surprise that OSHA reversed that decision.

...Previously OSHA stated that any employer who required vaccinations must report adverse reactions as workplace injuries.  However, OSHA is now saying they will not “enforce” that record-keeping requirement until May of 2022....

The elimination of 'previously infected' immunity, the slow but growing requirement for "Vax Passes" in private industry, the erasure of 'breakthrough' cases by manipulating tests, and now the removal of a big uncertainty for businesses, all spell Totalitarianism Rampant.

Isn't this grand?  Are you not entertained??


Anonymous said...

OSHA didn't get the memo.
And then they did.

Rebecca Eller said...
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