Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Bp. Callahan Gets Tough, Shoots His Own Soldier

About time that Bp. Callahan gets tough.

Too bad he's aiming his fire at the wrong side, eh?

A priest in Wisconsin who has been ignoring COVID-19 gathering restrictions at his masses and has criticized Democrats for their stance on the virus and vaccines says the leader of the Diocese of La Crosse has asked him to resign.

The Rev. James Altman announced the development during his sermon at St. James the Less Catholic Church in La Crosse on Sunday, which was recorded and posted to YouTube....

...Altman came under fire last fall for calling Democrats godless and warning they would go to hell if they don’t repent....

That last graf is the actual cause of the dismissal; the 'gathering restrictions' is the cover story.  

Remember that LaCrosse is represented by a Congressman who owns the building occupied by a whorehouse--and has a UW campus, too.  It's a Lefty-owned town.  And let us not forget that Bp. Callahan reports--indirectly--to Cdl. Cupcake of Chicago.

Bp. Callahan is not covering himself in glory here.  The GiveSendGo account for Fr. Altman aimed for $20K and stands at well over $200K; not likely that a Diocesan fund drive EVER came close to that sort of success, is it?


Anonymous said...

I threw $20 bucks in to help Fr James Altman..... I love listening to his Sunday homilies
He will be a better steward of my "widowers mite" than any old Francis Bishop.

Anonymous said...

Callahan made the right decision.

Mar said...

Callahan is a coward.
Like most bishops in the US. And the Catholic church. I don't even think the Pope is this liberal.

Dad29 said...

The reason you don't think Franny I is 'this liberal' is because he specializes in Fauci-talk.