Thursday, May 13, 2021

Buh-Bye, Wayne, and Good Riddance

The Imperial Reign of Wayne LaPierre should be terminated with prejudice right now.

According to Stephen Gutowski’s “The Reload,” the NRA’s bankruptcy strategy has failed as a federal judge ruled that the group’s use of bankruptcy was less about financials and more about attempting to avoid government oversight...

The Fed BK judge was merciless.

 ...“The mission and function of the NRA is focused on gun safety, and the NRA asserts it is ‘the nation’s foremost defender’ of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution,” he wrote in his ruling. “In recent years, however, it has become apparent that the NRA was suffering from inadequate governance and internal controls.

Judge Hale pointed to numerous specific concerns with the NRA’s case.

“There are several aspects of this case that still trouble the Court, including the manner and secrecy in which authority to file the case was obtained in the first place, the related lack of express disclosure of the intended Chapter 11 case to the board of directors and most of the elected officers, the ability of the debtor to pay its debts, and the primary legal problem of the debtor being a state regulatory action,” he said.
  --Quoted from The Reload

We've gotten lotsa calls from NRA fund-raisers in the last few weeks--enough to blacklist them on my phone.  Gun Owners of America (GOA) looks a lot better these days, except for the magazine.

LaPierre's problem?  He thought he was part of the Deep State:  an entitled, bitchy, Lord of the Flies.

He's not and he should be fired.  Now.

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