Friday, May 14, 2021

Another 100,000 Domestic Spies for Biden*

What we REALLY need in this country is another 100,000 Government employees, and Biden's just the man to provide them!!!

President Joe Biden will invest $400 million from his $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue bill to build a Public Health AmeriCorps, the White House announced Thursday....

...During his presidential campaign, Biden expressed his desire to build a Public Health Jobs Corp — vowing to create at least 100,000 new public health worker positions to support contract-tracing of the coronavirus.

“You know, experts agree that we need more contact tracers to track the path of this virus,” Biden said at a campaign event in June 2020, adding that despite state efforts, “[W]e need to do more including hiring 100,000 federally-funded workers perform contact tracing and other public health tasks and they should begin to be trained now.”...

 "Other" public-health tasks, such as finding members of The Resistance for immediate incarceration.

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