Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Why They HATE Trump-ism

A lengthy essay at Human Events reviews Sohrab Ahmari's latest book The Unbroken Thread which, in general terms, makes the case for "integralism." 

It also, unintentionally, makes the case for Trump-ism in large part.  For Trump, despite his morally problematic past, came out foursquare in opposition to abortion and for pressing Natural Law against the LBGTQXYZSJ hydra--and Trump ran a populist economic program.

So both moral licentiousness and oligarchic greed came under attack from Trump and his band of brothers.

That could not stand and taking Trump out (of office, so far) became the Holy Grail of the Unholy.

Read the essay.  It's worth your 20 minutes' time and it happens to be THE debate of this time.

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