Friday, May 14, 2021

Drunk Botox-Granny Is Wrong--Again

Pelosi is simply wrong.

 ...A reporter later asked Pelosi: “Do electric cars need to be in the bill?”

“Well, I'm not having–I think the American people want electric cars,” she responded....

Unless you plan on driving more than 300 miles--like, for example, visiting your chilluns a couple of States away.  Can you find the charging station you'll need?

And--just by the way--who's going to beef up the grid to carry all that 220V?  Hmmm??


Mar said...

Here, where I live in northern Arizona, we have a couple ports so electric cars can charge.
Never saw anyone use one until 2 days ago. Not sure how long it takes to charge up, it has to be awhile. The couple were have a nice dit down picnic while waiting. Meanwhile, I was getting gas next to the charging stations and was in and out in 5 minutes and my rank if gas goes 400 miles.
No thank you for the electric cars.

Dad29 said...

Charge takes anywhere between 3 hours-12 hours for "filled tank".