Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Ticker's Right: Trump's Complicit

It's fun to blame Biden* for inflation.  But it ain't just Biden.

...Trump did this folks.  Don't kid yourself.  When the Coof came he urged governors and mayors to shut everything down and showered people with money.  He should have done neitherthere is zero evidence that any of those measures did anything to save a single life.  And had he not done the second the first wouldn't have happened because people would refused to starve and thus refused to shut down.  He let the CDC put in place the eviction moratorium at the same time so those laid off could sit at home and smoke bongs instead of paying their rent with the unemployment check. ...

So sayeth Ticker and he's right.  Inflation doesn't just pop up 3 weeks after a President takes office.  It FOLLOWS a drowning of the currency but there's at least a graceful 6 month (or longer) delay.  Biden* sprayed a bunch of gasoline on the already-burning fire.

So Biden* shut off the pipeline to make up for it.

1 comment:

Mar said...

Who cares, it's Biden's economy now. That's how it works.
It might be Trump's fault, but he also inherited a bad economy.
Now, let's see how Senile Joe handles it.