Sunday, May 16, 2021

"Positive Coaching" or Critical Race Theory Racket?

It can't be both "Positive Coaching" AND mandate "Critical Race Theory," as the latter demeans and slanders Caucasians.  You'll notice the standard CRT jargon:  "diversity, equity, inclusion" in the description.

Little League baseball coaches in Alexandria, Virginia, will be required to take a diversity, equity, and inclusion course this month.

In an email to coaches on Thursday, Alexandria Little League board president Sherry Reilly announced the league's partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance. All Little League coaches and board members were asked to cancel practices in order to attend the Sports Can Battle Racism workshop on May 24....

... Casey Miller, a spokeswoman for the Positive Coaching Alliance, told the Washington Free Beacon that costs for training sessions vary from $1,000 to $10,000....

$10 Grand, eh?

Not surprising if you look at the National Board of Directors' roster for Positive Coaching Alliance.  Even before seeing that fee number, but having viewed the Board member list, I smelled a rat.

There are two types of consultants.  Those which either deliver or not, and those whose charter does not have a defined 'success' metricYou can guess which dominates PCA's Board all by yourselves.


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