Saturday, May 29, 2021

How Many Did Fauci Kill?

Recall that Fauci mis-managed the AIDS crisis and one author states that Fauci's idiocy cost 13K lives or so.

This time around, he didn't like Ivermectin.

according to online data, Delhi cases have gone from 24K daily at end of April to 1491 yesterday. Whether it's due to ivermectin or just down phase of Gompertz curve, it's huge and gratifying good news that's mostly unreported in doomcasting media....

Ivermectin, you say?  Hmmmmmm.  Let's ask Mexico!


This result is consistent with the results of mass distribution of ivermectin in Mexico City, as reported by James V. DeLong on these pages on May 21, 2021

Charts at the link along with additional information, which would have been VERY DAMN USEFUL if the Fraudci had given a flying fart about American lives. 

Try him and fry him pour encourager les autres.

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