Sunday, May 09, 2021

Covid Mortality REALLY Low??

Hey.  It's the WHO who says it, not me.

The@who now estimates that 750,000,000 people have gotten the ro? Which, at 1 million death, would put the death rate at 1 in 750 (even with overcounting, etc) - or 0.13%. That’s the lowest estimate I’ve ever seen. Say it with me: IT’S THE FLU.  --Berenson reporting

In Wisconsin, Channel 6 reports that there are 602,000 cases to date in Wisconsin with 6,884 deaths attributed to Covid.  That's a lot more than 0.13%; it's 1.14%.  Of course, that's only reported cases (positive tests.)  UN-reporteds would have to be ~10 times 600K, which would be the entire population of the State, to bring the percent of deaths down to the WHO level.

One suspects that there's a lot more to learn--and that a lot of "experts" are not really "experts."

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