Saturday, May 29, 2021

Teachers' Union Writes State Budget Now?

Read between the lines here.

...In a letter Friday, a U.S. Department of Education official told State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor that action taken Thursday by the Legislature's budget-writing committee puts at risk $1.5 billion in federal pandemic aid for schools. 

The Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee dedicated $128 million in new funding for K-12 schools and set aside $350 million in a separate fund that GOP lawmakers said would be used for schools but was not yet appropriated as such. ...

...That means Wisconsin has fallen short in meeting a $387 million K-12 spending threshold in order to receive the pandemic aid under federal rules that require state officials to spend about 35% of state funds on schools.  ...

"Federal rules" written by the single largest Democrat campaign contributors:  the teachers.

Robin Vos should tell the Feds to go pound sand.  School spending is the largest component of Wisconsin budgets, and despite a serious slide in students over the last decade (-41,600+), Wisconsin "conservative" legislators continue to spend more, more, more on schools--with less, less, less in academic results to show for it.

The teachers' unions are cancers in need of starvation treatment.

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