Sunday, May 16, 2021

AMA Goes Mad, As in Distemper

Actually, the American Medical Ass'n. was sliding down the madness-slope 30 years ago.

Now it's in free-fall.

James Madara, CEO of the American Medical Association (AMA), issued an open letter to the National Governors Association calling all legislative efforts to stop the transgender mutilation of children “a dangerous government intrusion into the practice of medicine.”

According to Madara, permanently altering a child’s hormones with pharmaceutical chemicals and surgically altering their private parts “are normal variations of human identity and expression” that should not be interfered with by government officials.

As with all medical interventions, physicians are guided by their ethical duty to act in the best interest of their patients and must tailor recommendations about specific interventions and the timing of those interventions to each patient’s unique circumstances,” Madara’s letter further contends..
.--HT Briggs

That's in case you forget that FEE INCOME is very important to the Demented Doctor class.

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