Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Police Chief Does the RIGHT Thing

The story is about some high-school students who protested the mask policy.

But there's another part to the story, too.

...District officials in recent weeks shut down a school board meeting after several residents showed up without face coverings. Several sources say a school administrator called the police and threatened to have anyone not wearing a mask arrested.

Elvins, the police chief, confirmed as much.

“I was at home. He called me and asked for guidance,” Elvins said. “I said, ‘It’s a public meeting, open to the public. We are not enforcing people not wearing a mask. There was no crime committed. Now, if there had been disorderly conduct, that would have been a different situation. It’s not going to be used as an intimidation device.”...

OOO-Rah!  Good, polite, kick in the ass for the namby-babies in Tomahawk.


Mar said...

Tomahawk Police Chief Al Elvins tells Empower Wisconsin the students will be cited, at the district’s request, and they will each face a $98.60 fine.
I'm surprised that this is happening in Northern Wisconsin. I guess liberalism has gone all the way up there.

Dad29 said...

The law remains the law. If you demonstrate illegally you MUST be prepared to pay the price, as did MLK and dozens of pro-lifers over the years.