Sunday, May 30, 2021

Kimball on Ryan

This assessment of Ryan's "re-emergent" speech is not nice.

But it's accurate.

...What is that brand of conservatism? It is more an attitude than a definable philosophy. It is understated, well-polished, and clubbable. It is comfortable uttering nostrums that sound conservative while actually achieving nothing. It is what we might call “window-dressing conservatism.” Safe. Pampered. Epicene. Above all, it is adept at losing while covering those losses with a glaze marked “dignity.” “We lost, my fellow Americans, but at least we did it with our heads held high.” ...

Want more Loser Club Conservatism?  Check out Sykes and Wiggy.


Anonymous said...

Ryan is a day late and a dollar short. Regardless, his assessment of Trump, who is a grifter and a member of the ruling class cloaked as a populist, is spot on.

Dad29 said...

Your opinion is.........unique.