Wednesday, May 26, 2021

WI Pubbies Earn Scorn

Not really surprising.

...The top states currently infected by DeceptiCons at the party level include: Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky and Ohio....

The term "DeceptiCons" means exactly what you think it means.  They play Conservative and are deceiving you with their act.

That reminds me:  where is the Legislature with regard to Racism Class (a/k/a Critical Race Theory)?

Who knows?

However, they are--at long last--taking up legislation prohibiting boys from playing on girls' teams.  Opposing?  Wisconsin Ass. of School Boards (!!?!!) WI Ass School Administrators, Planned Barrenhood, WEAC, Social Workers, Pediatricians (really the profiteering surgeons) and the other Usual Suspects. 

Other opposition?  Sure.  The DeceptiCons who are willing to take several months to think about this and then add their own touches.  There are other versions of the same legislation floating around out there.......still sitting in desk drawers.

Strange place, Madison.

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