Saturday, May 15, 2021

"No Confidence" in Biden*

The Marxists who write Joe* Potato's speeches probably got a preview of this.

...The University of Michigan’s survey of consumer sentiment dropped 6.2 percent from the final April read just a few weeks earlier to a score of 82.8. Economists had forecast a gain to 90.3 from 88.3.

“Consumer confidence in early May tumbled due to higher inflation–the highest expected year-ahead inflation rate as well as the highest long-term inflation rate in the past decade,” said Richard Curtin, the survey’s chief economist.

The current conditions component of the index tumbled 6.6 percent to 90.8, also missing expectations. The expectations component fell 6.2 percent to 77.6 percent....

That's very bad, sorta like Bai-den's* last week.

We maintain that the inflation began with Trump's massive giveaway programs; historically, inflation NEVER appears in only 120 days.  For that matter, it could have been straining at the bit ever since Obama's irresponsible goosing of the national debt.  Trump's silly adds to that figure certainly didn't help.

That said, Puddin' Head* has a big problem on his hands and it ain't going to get better, what with Riot Season just ahead.

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