Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The "Thought" of SCOTUS

Interesting vignette here which explains a hell of a lot.

Edward v. Vannoy is a fascinating case. It reveals raw fractures on the Court between Justice Kagan and Justice Kavanaugh, and I would add Chief Justice Roberts. However, perhaps the most tiring aspect of the case is the caterwauling about stare decisis. At this point, Justice Kagan needs to prepare a macro. Her copy-and-paste dissents about precedent are repetitive. She has made her point, and can only repeat it over and over again.

Still, I thought Justice Gorsuch had a poignant response. Last year, I joked that stare decisis is an old Latin phrase that means "Let the decisions of the Warren Court stand." Gorsuch seems to agree. 

Roberts is another Kagan with worse hair and a larger yellow streak.

The author goes on to mention that the Warren Court ignored 'stare' as much as possible.  We could add that the Warren court also ignored moral law, natural law, and the Constitution.  But I digress.

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Anonymous said...

The Warren Court followed stare, moral law, natural law, AND the Constitution.