Monday, May 10, 2021

Evers the Nutbag

'Tin-Pot' Tony Evers likes to play dictator when the Republicans let him do so.  And he has other standard-grade Democrat nutbag notions, too.

Wisconsin is facing many challenges, but for Gov. Tony Evers, there’s no question about what needs to be the top priority. “We have to make sure that we’re making equity and inclusion the most important issue in state government,”...

Oh, goodie!!

So his budget includes a Cabinet-level office dedicated to same AND requires each Government agency to add a full-time "equity and inclusion" officer to the tune of about $80K each.

Remember this:  "equity" means equal outcomes, not equal opportunity.  It's just another tired old Marxist scam which is now a tired old Democrat Party scam.

And if you're a State employee, the beatings will continue endlessly!!  Here is the Department of Revenue's promise:

...There will be mandatory training about implicit and explicit bias, regular anti-racism discussions, and other agency-wide events to promote DEI. Employees are encouraged to use their preferred pronouns in official email signature blocks.  It’s also important to DOR to recruit, retain, and promote more under-represented groups than straight, white people. According to its action plan, DOR will include “DEI principles to yearly performance evaluations.”...

Ummmnnhhhhh.....yah......the good news is that this program should reduce DOR's headcount pretty quickly.

We expect that the REAL budget, written by Republicans in the legislature, will not include any of Tin-Pot's pipe dreams, no matter the content of that pipe.  Sometimes Republicans serve good purposes!

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