Friday, May 14, 2021

Yoo-Hoo!! Abp. Listecki!!!

Wouldn't it be nice if Catholic bishops, like Abp. Listecki, would say the obvious?

Catholic League President Bill Donohue warned Thursday that left-wing politicians are trying to falsely tar the United States as a deeply racist nation while themselves promoting racist programs.

Critical race theory, promoted by many on the left, “is an inherently racist prescription,” Dr. Donohue notes, because “it judges people on the basis of their skin color, not their individual traits.”

While any person of goodwill should oppose true racism, Donohue observes, critical race theory “is a textbook example of promoting racism in the name of fighting it.”...

By its nature, CRT is un-Catholic, too.  But the Archbishop knows that.  But he reports to Cdl. Cupcake of Chicago, so ...........

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