Friday, May 28, 2021

Bp. Coakley Should Study Genesis and The Catechism, Pray for Courage

Kinda sad to read this blathering foolishness from a Roman Catholic Bishop.

The chairman of the Bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul S. Coakley, said in a statement that the shooting “reminds us once again that something fundamentally broken in our society and culture must be courageously examined and addressed, so that ordinary places no longer become scenes of violence and contempt for human life.”

How about public excommunications of Catholic politicians who contumaciously and persistently support abortion, Excellency?  That would be a very good start on that "contempt for life" complaint of yours, no?

The Bish apparently forgot everything he read about the Garden of Eden story, too.

... “As Americans we must understand why these horrific occurrences of violence continue to take place in our communities, and then unhesitatingly act to root out the causes of such crimes,” the archbishop said....

You mean Original Sin?  You're going to 'root out' the fallen nature of man, Bish?

Then His Excellency falls into a trap.

... “Our Conference has called for many years for rational yet effective forms of regulation of these dangerous weapons,” he stated....

The shooter used two handguns.  No sporting rifle was involved.  Handguns are THE most regulated of firearms in this country, Excellency, and California has extensive (near-oppressive) regulations on weapons and who gets to buy them.

Bp. Coakley, there is a 'contempt for life' and as you know, it is Satan who promotes it.  Feckless and cowardly (read:  "compromised") Bishops dumped moral courage to the side when bribed with Federal money, implicitly giving moral license to politician-murderers.   

And that Second Amendment thing?  You can look it up in the Catechism's paragraphs 2263-2264.  Notice how Pope St John Paul II extended those principles to 'defense of country'?  I cannot lay my finger on that part of the Catechism which mandates Catholics to subject themselves to tyranny, either.

Now go forth and preach the Gospel.  ALL of it!!

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