Friday, May 21, 2021

Mask On or Off at the Office?

One national employer iterated its policy.

..We took your feedback and conducted a thorough review of our face covering guidance because our priority is the health and safety of our team members and our customers. We’re pleased to share that team members, visitors and vendors who are fully vaccinated may choose not to wear masks in our stores, distribution centers, facilities and buildings, starting Monday, May 24, unless mandated by state or local regulations. Below are a few things to note:

... If you attest that you are fully vaccinated, you may be required to show proof of vaccination during random verification audits, the details of which will be communicated in coming weeks.

Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated team members, customers, contractors, visitors and vendors still must wear a mask while in our stores, distribution centers, facilities and buildings. We strongly encourage all team members who are able to receive the vaccine to get vaccinated....

It makes ZERO difference WHY one is not vaxxed; if you're not vaxxed, you must wear a mask, period.

If one is honest and un-vaxxed, will they be in a hostile work environment?  They'll certainly be easy to see.  

Religious objection?  Wear a mask.  Concerns about future fertility?  Wear a mask.  Concerns about the "Vax + Recovering" double-immunity reaction?  We don't care.  Wear a mask.

Now we know who the religious are, and those hoping for babies, and those who read extensively about this damn thing!

This will be fun to follow. 


Anonymous said...

.HIPAA violation anyone? This company needs a lawsuit.

Leo D. Lion said...

I did a rapid read of HIPAA. There's nothing in it to prevent an entity requiring an obvious overt condition such as mask/ no mask policy.

I would think it falls more under discrimination laws.

Leo D. Lion said...

But as the intense hard roll-out of the jab weakens, those in the "high level positions" will delegate it down to lower level pushers. Then even more lower.
Why? Those at the high level will say "it's not my fault- I was successful in pushing the jab." "Those beneath me are responsible for jab apathy"...

This is called the "blame game", or "Peter principal"

Leo D. Lion said...

About a month or so ago, the media asked a professional basketball player if he received the vaccination. His reply was "that is private information" or "that's private stuff"